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3D Printers produce a body, a thing or an object.

Imagine what the world would look like,

if 3D printed objects were made SMART

by Embedding Electronics.

Electronic components

TRIBUS-D was formed to inspire the current and next generation of engineers who are interested in technology and engineering by offering a unique service in 3D printing technology with embedded printed electronics and consultancy service specialising in microelectronic assembly.

3D Printing Designs

In a Commercial or Educational environment it is important to get your ideas represented in a visual way as quickly and efficiently as possible at the lowest cost.
Tribus-D enables Engineers and Students to realise their designs by offering a comprehensive range of consultative services from design and implementation of electronic manufacturing processes to proposal generation and project management.

would like to hear how we can support your projects.
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TRIBUS-D has over 50 years of industrial experience within the Micro-Electronic Manufacturing business, asking the right questions, combining creativity with pragmatism to achieve a successful outcome. We have hands on experience of designing and implementing manufacturing processes for Aerospace, Oil and Gas, Medical and Consumer applications. We have specialist knowledge in electronic materials, wire bonding, die attach systems, hermetic sealing, encapsulation, adhesives, soldering and laser processing.
Our aim is to build a strong client-consultancy partnership to deliver the right solution for your organisation, with the knowledge to achieve lasting results. We can provide technical advice and support in proposal creation and project management to take your concept to reality.
Our core values are Passion, Innovation and Courage to achieve success in the quality and delivery of your work.

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